We designed our "made to measure" software plan in a way that protects your interests as we want to keep you as a satisfied returning customer.


Since our software is "made to measure", the price will vary from project to project but the point is to only pay for what you need.


Our process for new projects:

Step 1:

- You describe your needs and your objectives

- We provide a ball park figure based on your preliminary needs

Step 2:

- If you approve the ball park figure, we prepare an in-depth quote and analysis

- In the instance the quote would be higher than the original ball park figure, you may re-evaluate or stop the project


Our payment terms for new customers* are as follows:

- 1/3 paid at the signature of the in-depth quote

- 1/3 paid at the delivery

- 1/3 paid 30 days after delivery


There are no hidden fees and the amount will never exceed the amount agreed upon.


*Payment terms may be negotiated for returning customers